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MediGear International Corporation won "Global Enterepreneureship Award" at Research Studio 2021 powered by SPARK

Research Studio is
This is an "acceleration program specializing in medical care" supported by AMED, the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
In February of next year, We will be able to receive strategic and practical support, including overseas business development at UCSD.
筑波大学 つくば臨床医学研究開発機構、慶應義塾大学、大阪大学、京都大学、岡山大学、九州大学、Stabford大SPARK、UC San Diego大
AMED 橋渡し研究推進プログラム
【速報版】Research Studio 2021 powered by SPARK Final Pitch Event開催報告(2021年10月6日)