Nano Devices

Novel less invasive cancer therapy with nanodevice-MDX

TAE (Transcatheter Arterial Embolization)

Small embolic particles are injected selectively through a catheter into an artery directly supplying the tumor.
These particles both block the blood supply and induce cytotoxicity, attacking the tumor in several ways.

EPR effect (Enhanced Permeability & Retention)

Tumor blood vessel

  • lack of smooth muscle cells and pericyte.
  • large gaps exist between endothelial cells

Mechanism of tumor insulation therapy by combination of TAE and EPR effect

Insulation of tumor

Decreasing of tumor size

Nanodevice-MDX lead to shutout oxygen and nutrition for the tumor tissue

The advantages of cancer therapy by tumor isolation with nanodevice-MDX

  • Minimally invasive treatment by selectively delivered nanodevices combined with TAE and EPR effect
  • Low toxicity with biodegradable and biocompatible material, and without anti-cancer drugs
Tumor insulation therapy by a novel nanodevice-MDX brings High QOL for cancer patients