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Corporate Information

Corporate NameMediGear International Corporation
Head OfficeNagatsuda-cho 4249-3, Midori-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
E207, Tokyo Tech Yokohama Venture Plaza
Representative Director PresidentTakeo Tanaka
Date of EstablishmentApril 2th, 2013
Outline of BusinessDevelopment, manufacture and sale of medical equipment, especially equipment and systems for IVR medical treatment
Capital151.300 million Japanese Yen (as of May 31, 2019)
Additional InfomationEntrusted by NEDO
Get a capital contribution from a major pharmaceutical company
Two capital increases from Venture Capital etc.
Collaborating with top medical institutions in cancer research
Joint research with Tokyo Institute of Technology
In non-clinical trials, collaborative research with the Azabu University

Representative Director President - Takeo Tanaka

Final EducationTokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Master's Course
School and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology Tokyo Institute of Technology PhD student enrolled
DgreeMaster of Engineering (1975)
Specialized fieldMechanical physics, medical system design, biomolecular functional engineering (Tumor cytology, biomaterial science, biological imaging)
Career History1975、Kobe Steel, Ltd. - Assigned to the basic research laboratory, engaged in steel process instrumentation technology. He was involved in overseas projects and new businesses, established a joint venture company related to semiconductor inspection services, and achieved the listing on the TSE 2nd section.
Since then, he has independent experience working in establishing and managing US and domestic IT ventures, and has extensive experience in venture company management based on domestic and international MOT.

Corporate History

2013.4Established (at Tokyo Institute of Technology Yokohama Venture Plaza)
2013.6Regarding NANO particle development Joint research and development agreement concluded with Tokyo Institute of Technology
2014.7Energy-related etc. Venture business development promotion project adopted (Kanagawa Prefectural Industrial Labor Bureau)
2014.9Business collaboration agreement concluded with NANO particle manufacturer (FNX)
2015.6Adoption of Monozukuri, Commercial and Service Innovation Project
2015.10NEDO STS Adoption (Declined)
2016.12Patent application (domestic) - NANO perticles
2016.7Energy related, etc. Venture Business Promotion Project adopted (Kanagawa Industrial and Labor Bureau)
2016.8Strengthen management capabilities of SMEs
2016.11Certified as a Yokohama Intellectual Property Mirai company (Yokohama City Economic Bureau)
2016.12Patent application (PCT) - NANO perticles production
2016.12Adoption of NEDO SUI
2017.12'2017 Venture title from Tokyo Tech awarded
2018.11The capital amounted to 100.950 million Japanese Yen as received an investment totaling 100 million yen by M3 Group
2018.12'2018Certified as a Yokohama Intellectual Property Mirai company (Yokohama City Economic Bureau)
2019.2Nano Tech Grand Prize 2019 Project Award